Summer workshops

Summer 2015 - in a process of preparation  - keep in tuch:)
Last summer:
Singing and dancing on mazurian island in Poland 12-19 July 2014
Workshops of intuitive singing, authentic movement and dance 
Brzozowa wyspa (Birch Island at narie lake - near Morąg/Osztyn - North East od Poland 
Mazury, 12-19th July 2014 – Polish lake district. Wild and beautiful island and a wonderful time filled with dance, authentic movement, intuitive singing, live music and plenty of relaxation including swimming and rowing boats. Workshop hall overlooking the Lake and beautiful sunsets.

Our days will be composed of & dancing: both in the hall and on the grass. We will share the experience of the creative process and meditation -all to build the power & wisdom to manifest our dreams. A lot of pleasure, relaxation and freedom as well as spontaneity of being with each other deeply and acceptingly. Playing musical instruments, guitar, drums ...We will learn new songs and write a new ... personal song.

Our rhythms and vocals will be weaving with the vibration of Nature. Let’s meet in the wild!
Easy travel access to Warsaw by plane and than travel guidelines of the public transport to the lake.
2 leaders of expressive, joyfull pesonalities & good friends:

Izabela Dominko, Ph.D.
dance and movement therapist, creative process coach; precursor and co-founder of Polish Association of Dance/Movement Psychotherapy; trainer and coach integrating body and mind work; co-founder of FreeDance Poland. Practice of creative process since 2008 influenced the quality of her life (cure of chronic disease and professional transformation), as well as quality of her work as a DMT therapist and coach.

Anna Szyszka
intuitive singer, musician (drums & guitar), composer, as well as painter & designer
After years of recording, playing and singing many kinds music: jazz, swing, gospel, pop and rock, was led into the spiritual dimension of music, the healing power of sound and vibration, aspect of intention in singing and other related fields, co-created intuitive music for Butoh Theatre performance of "The Book of Sand, Labyrinth meditation”. On the path of personal and spiritual development for the last 20 years.

 In videoclip "River" you can see the authors of the workshop:
Anna Szyszka - the author of the song and Iza Dominko - dancing in the clip


for "early birds": 1370 PLN to 20 may (340 EURO)

21th of May onwards: 1570 PLN (395 EURO)

includes: accommodation in 4-persons wooden houses on the island, vegetarian meals, 36 hours of workshop a week, boat rental.

does not include: travel costs.

Registration and information:
email: Tel. +48 601 247 364

Due to the high attraction of the place in season we would advice registering & sending advance payment at the beginning of May (the advance payment in the amount of 50% to 20th of May or earlier for “early birds prices” is 700 PLN (175 EURO) and 800 PLN (200 EURO) for bookings after 21st of May 2014.
Please send your payment to PL17 1140 2017 0000 4102 0529 1549.